Branch/nursery settings

Branch/nursery settings

In the Branch/Nursery tab of System Settings, you can fill out information about a nursery branch, and change some settings that affect functions on eymanage. Unlike Company/Nursery Chain settings, Branch/Nursery settings only affect one nursery branch, and so go into a lot more depth.

To get to Branch/Nursery settings:
  1. In the top right, click on  > System Settings.
  2. Click on Branch/Nursery on the left.
  3. Click Update at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
Name: Fill in the name of this nursery branch. This is a required field. 

Branch/Nursery URN: Fill in the Unique Registration Number for this nursery branch.

Address: Insert this nursery branch’s address into the relevant fields. The Map view of the Staff and Children pages use this address to locate the branch on the map. These are required fields.

Telephone: Insert the nursery branch’s main phone number. This is a required field. 

Website Link: Insert the nursery branch’s website address.

Email: Insert the nursery branch’s main email address. This is the email that will be used when sending an email through the system, and you can also choose this email address to receive replies. This is a required field. 

Branch Manager/Primary Contact: The name of the branch manager or primary contact for this nursery branch.

Operational Hours - Start Time/Finish Time: Fill in the hours that the nursery is in operation. This is the earliest and latest time that either a child or staff member can be scheduled from and to.

Core Hours - Start Time/Finish Time: Fill in the core hours that children are at the nursery. Occupancy trackers calculate FTE/percentage occupancy using core hours.

Operational/Core Days: Tick the boxes next to this nursery’s Operational Days and Core Days. Check the box next to Use for enquiry/registration forms for the set of days you want to be selectable for preferred sessions on enquiry/registration forms.

Staff Hours - Start Time/Finish Time: Fill in the hours that your employee rota is based on. this is the earliest and latest time that a staff member can be scheduled from and to.

Reg’n URN: Fill in your Unique Registration Numbers for OFSTED and the Department of Education.

Capacity: The maximum number of children your nursery can take.

Wage% Lower/Upper: The lower and upper range for the percentage of earnings your nursery aims to spend on wages.

Step-up Rate: The additional hourly rate for sessions marked as Step Up.

Currency: The currency used in session rates and invoices.

Staff/Child URN: Use the Prefix, Number, and Suffix fields to edit how you want Staff and Child Unique Registration Numbers to be constructed. The Prefix and Suffix fields stay the same, while the value in the Number field goes up with each added staff member/child.

Session Rate Changes: If the rate for certain sessions varies between age groups, use this field to choose when changes in session rate will be applied to the child after they age up.

Apply Minimum Booking Fees: Check this if you want minimum booking fees to apply to sessions. These can be set up when creating sessions with Multiple Rates as per hours/week or times/day.

Show Notifications: Tick this if you want to receive notifications from the system.

Include un-invoiced sessions from previous month(s): Check this option if you want un-invoiced sessions from previous months to be included in the current month’s invoices. Pick how far back this applies: 1, 2, or 3 months back.

Can Add Child: This is checked if users on this branch can add children.

AM/PM Session Split Time: If you divide your sessions into AM (morning) and PM (afternoon) sessions, pick a time from this field for when AM sessions end and PM sessions begins.

First Day Of Week: Choose on which day your nursery transitions into a new week. Note that parents are invoiced with the sum of a week’s sessions.

Child leaves nursery after they turn: At what age in years the child leaves the nursery. The child’s Leave Date on their profile is automatically set to the end of August on the year the child turns this age. 

Branding Colour: This affects the colour of the headings in the branch-level enquiry and registration forms.

Terms and Conditions: This nursery’s terms and conditions.

Message Delivery (Staff/Parent): Choose whether staff and parents receive messages through the System (via eymanage staff login or the parent portal) or through their Emails.

Order by Surname: Check this option to have children/staff ordered by their surnames. If this is unchecked, children/staff are ordered by their first names.

Hide Child Middle Name: Check this if you want to hide children’s middle names on the Children page.

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