Customising disqualification reasons

Customising disqualification reasons

Whenever you disqualify a candidate, you have to provide a reason why from a list of options. The only reason you have by default is Not Suitable. Other disqualification reasons can be added in settings. 

Adding a disqualification reason
  1. In the top right, click on  > Global Settings.
  2. Click on Recruitment in the left menu. 
  3. Go to the Candidate Profile Fields tab.
  4. Click on the  icon in the top right.
  5. Type the disqualification reason into the field that pops up.
  6. Click Save
Editing a disqualification reason
  1. Go to the Candidate Profile Fields tab in Global Settings > Recruitment.
  2. Click on the  icon next to the reason you want to edit.
  3. Type the amended reason into the field that pops up.
  4. Click Save

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