March 2024

March 2024

This article will be updated with release notes whenever new features are released throughout the month of March.

3rd March 2024 
  1. You are now able to link training courses to additional roles that can be applied to staff. In Global Settings > HR > Roles/Q&T > Training Courses, when editing a training course you can link which additional roles are relevant and if the training course should be mandatory or not. You can also link them by editing the additional role and selecting the training course this way too. When an additional role is added to a staff members profile, any mandatory training courses will be displayed in the staff members training section of their profile. 
11th March 2024
  1. We have now implemented the ability to modify product/services automated rates. Similar to session types and product/service flat rates when editing a product/service you can select 'Modify Rates' you will then be able to select an effective date and entre the new rates that will be applicable from that date. 
17th March 2024 
  1. NEW! Set the break duration per day! You can already define how long the break duration should be in Global Settings > HR, System Settings > HR, and on the staff profile > contact/entitlement > HR Settings. With this release you are now able to change this per day when booking a shift. Either on the individual staff scheduling screen or on the main staff scheduling screen when scheduling a shift the field will be populated with the default duration (from global, system or staff hr settings) but this can be changed. We have also amended the labels at the top of the individual staff scheduling screen and these are reflected in the  icon on the main staff scheduling screen. 
17th March 2024 
  1. In Global Settings or System Settings > eyenquiries > Registration/Child Profile Form Setup, we have added the option to capture the 'Primary Payment Mode' as part of the registration form and the child profile form. Once this has been marked as either mandatory or optional you have the ability to customise which payment modes should be visible on the form. By default all are displayed, to do this please go to Global Settings > Payments. 
19th March 2024 
  1. Now, when an enquiry is enrolled with an invoice this invoice as well as any payments will be carried forward to the enrolled profile so that you can have visibility of this invoice and reconcile payments if the invoice is unpaid. 

17th March 2024
  1. We have renamed 'Reject' to 'Disqualify' across eyrecruit, the functionality is still the same with a few enhancements including the ability to set the disqualification reasons in Global Settings > Recruitment > Candidate Profile Fields. When creating a workflow automation rule for disqualifying a candidate you can set these per reason too in Global Settings > Recruitment > Workflow Automation. 

13th March 2024 
  1. New update released for the website, Android practitioner app, & iOS + Android parent apps! (iOS practitioner update coming shortly). This new update upgrades the accident sheets and medicine forms to include digitally drawn signatures for both nursery staff and parents! Now the signatures are drawn in rather than typed. 

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