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    • eymanage

      Streamline your nursery management with all the tools you need in one place.
    • eypeople

      Centralise your employee data to maintain personnel records, identify staff development opportunities and ensure HR compliance.
    • eyenquiries

      Reduce paperwork and accelerate your follow up process to turn enquiries into enrolments.
    • eyrecruit

      Take your recruitment to the next level and find the right person to join your team.
    • eylog

      Create memorable learning journeys and easily capture every child’s development milestones.
    • eyengage

      Build a community and boost your engagement with parents and staff.
    • eyparent

      Keep parents and carers involved and informed through their child’s early years with instant updates straight to their pocket.
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      A Getting Started guide to walk you through some of the key features of each product.
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      Find out what is new on the eyworks suite.
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      Frequently asked questions.
    • eyemployee

      Streamline your HR and bring your employees' work life together in one on-the-go app.

      • Recent Articles

      • Creating a deposit in eyenquiries

        In eyenquiries, you can manage deposits through the enquiry profile. This includes creating and sending deposit invoices to parents, and recording payments. Creating a deposit invoice Go to eyenquiries > Pipeline. Click on a child’s name to bring up ...
      • Creating a deposit invoice

        Invoices for deposits can be created and sent to parents from the child's profile. Click on Children in the sidebar. Click on a child’s name to bring up their profile. Click on the Invoices tab on the left. In the top right, click Create+ > Deposit > ...
      • July 2024

        This article will be updated with release notes whenever new features are released throughout the month of July. eymanage 5th July 2024 Added 'Registration form received date' as an option when creating a custom report for enquiries. Improved the ...
      • Downloading your child's learning journey

        All the observations that have been published for your child are collected in their Learning Journey. Through photos, videos, and writing, you can see a details of your child's activities and development since starting at the nursery. If you want a ...
      • Using eyengage on the eyemployee app

        By using the eyemployee app, you can access eyengage from your smartphone. This makes it easy to view and engage with updates from your nursery, wherever you are. On the app, tap the icon at the bottom of the screen to go to the eyengage tab, where ...