Navigating your pipeline

Navigating your pipeline

The Pipeline tab in eyrecruit is where you can see all your candidates for all your active jobs and at which stage each of them are in the recruitment process. The purpose of the pipeline is primarily to present job and candidate information in a way that's easily digestible. 

Let’s go through the pipeline from top to bottom.

Be default, your pipeline displays active candidates, but you can use the buttons in the top left to toggle between seeing Active or Disqualified candidates. When you click on one, a number shows how many candidates are in the visible pipeline.
In the top right, you can change how your pipeline is organised. Clicking the icon in the top right gives you the option to group by Job, Location (Nursery Branch), or Stage. Clicking Pipeline view settings allows you to select how candidates are grouped by default, and lets you change what information is shown on the candidate care. Click Collapse All Swimlanes to hide all information on the pipeline.
Within groups, candidates are ordered by Application Date (Newest) by default. Use the icon in the top right to toggle between ordering by Application Date (Newest), Application Date (Oldest), or Name (A-Z).

The row near the top of the page shows the stages of your pipeline. The numbers next to each stage name indicate the number of candidates in that stage. Clicking on the icon by each stage displays its substages, if it has any (Find out more).

Below the stage names, you can see details of how candidates are grouped, if they are grouped, and how may candidates are in each group. Clicking the icon will hide or expand the group.

Candidates are shown as cards with their names, photos, and where they applied from. Along the bottom of each box is information on when they applied , how many tasks are connected with them:, how many messages have been sent between the candidate and the hiring team , and when the last changes were made to their profile All of this information can be toggled on or off:

Customising candidate cards
  1. Click on  in the top right of the pipeline screen.
  2. Click on Pipeline view settings in the drop down menu.
  3. Under Set Candidate Card View, check the boxes next to which information you want to appear on the candidate cards.
  4. Click Save.

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